Appartamento 2 stanze da letto, 120 m²

Riferimento: Casa Barisano

  • Prezzo: € 420.000
  • Stato: Completamente ristrutturato/Abitabile
  • Superficie abitabile: 120 m²
  • Classe Efficienza Energetica: Non disponibile
  • Stanze da letto: 2
  • Bagni: 2
  • Stanze: 6
  • Terrazzo: 15 m²
  • Cantina
Distanza da:
  • Spiaggia: 48 Km
  • Aereoporto:
  • Bari BRI: 54 Km
  • Brindisi BDS: 113 Km
  • Foggia FOG: 122 Km
  • Crotone CRV: 189 Km
  • In the most antique part of Matera, more precisely “SASSO BARISANO”, this spectacular house is situated. It’s compose of 120 sum and in addition there is a basement with traditional archs and a big terrace of ca 15 sqm.

    This is a typical house in Matera, divided into several floors and it’s situated in one of the most central parts of the town, easily accessible from the newer part of the town. There are three entrances to the house and i’s composed of two bathrooms, one on ground floor and one on first floor, one kitchen and one spacious living room on a loft with beautiful restored ceiling. Two bedrooms exist and one of them can be transformed into two resulting in three bed rooms. Further to this there are two storages as well as two fire places, one in the kitchen and one in the living room.

    The terrace is reached by an external stair and the basement by an internal stair. The basement can also be reached by a stair from the outside. From the terrace there is a spectacular view over the Sassi and it’s beautiful Dome.

    Thanks to accurate restoration the apartment is in a good condition and habitable right away.

    LocationIf you are interested in art, history and local delicious food then Matera is the right place. This city is something extraordinary and it feels like moving back in time when seeing the breathtaking sceneries. One of the reasons Matera is so well-known is because of its sassi literally meaning stones. These are ancient troglodyte dwellings carved into the tufo rocks.
    Since 1993 they have been declared UNESCO World heritage. And thanks to money from EU and UNESCO the degeneration of I Sassi has stopped and people start to come back by carefully renstoring their ”caves”. Many of those turning into amazing hotels, restaurants and private homes. This means that it’s a perfect timing for investment and there are many interesting properties available depending on what is of interest.
    Matera has become important to tourists due to it’s unique beauty and after all there are not many palces that offer you the chance to dine in a 9000 year old restaurant! The beauty was actually also discovered by Hollywood a few years ago as the area has many similarities to Jerusalem with surroundings. This resulted in the epic film The Passion of Christ in 2004 by and with Mel Gibson.
    Further to this the city is close to the long sand beaches by the Ionic coast ca 45 min away and Bari airport only 45 min away, which makes an ivestment in this lovely area even more interesting.
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