Casa, 382 m²

Riferimento: 659

  • Prezzo: € 300.000
  • Stato: Completamente ristrutturato/Abitabile
  • Superficie abitabile: 382 m²
  • Classe Efficienza Energetica: Non disponibile
  • Valore Efficienza Energetica: 0.00
  • Stanze: 10
Distanza da:
  • Aereoporto:
  • Trieste TRS: 44 Km
  • Venezia TSF: 91 Km
  • Venezia VCE: 93 Km
  • Bolzano BZO: 141 Km
Subject of this sale is part of a medieval complex. The unit called Complex Fortified Brunelde Domus Magna, is a fortified mansion medieval site in Fagagna (UD), in the heart of the hills of Friuli. Its origins are ancient, probably pre-Roman. The fact Brunelde overlooking the ancient Via del Sale, the Roman road which connected Concordia Sagittaria and then Venice to Salzburg. The building, erected on the ruins of a military-agrarian Roman villa and historically linked to the accounts of Arcano, has a compelling story. In Lombard times, in the eighth century and throughout the Middle Ages, it was a watchtower, in the sixteenth century it was transformed into a fortified house in the nineteenth century it was converted into a hunting lodge of the counts of Arcano, to be eventually used as a farmhouse the last century.The house is surrounded by a large garden where you can admire the Friulian hills. Built on three floors, the house has some rooms of which emphasizes the beauty and importance of the historical and architectural point of view. In particular, the Canipa and the Hall of Justice. The first on the ground floor, is an ancient laboratory cellar and it is testimony the original cobbled paving, which has been rediscovered thanks to the excavations carried out during the restoration work and was placed under the protection of the Superintendency of Fine Arts. Currently space in the room are a kitchen, furnished with traditional country and some agricultural equipments of the last century that testify the deep connection of the house with the social and cultural roots of this land. Upstairs, the Hall of Justice opens in its beauty and majesty behind the old wood and wrought iron door recovered in prison in Cervignano del Friuli. The name of this room comes from the use that was made in the era past: it was the "court", within which were celebrated the processes related to the crimes committed in the surrounding lands. Its restoration was carried out through a meticulous and careful selection of materials, as evidenced by the axes used for the flooring salvaged from an ancient Friulian dairy and at the time used to make cheese. In the lounge there emerges the original backbone of the roof, supported by exposed wooden poplar beams that over the centuries has made fossil. The property is' equipped with underfloor heating and the lighting is controlled by a small home automation system.The properties are in good state of preservation and maintenance. Some furniture and furniture kept inside the premises are included in this sale.
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