Simone Becucci Immobiliare

Via Gaetano Milanesi, 77 - 50134 - Firenze - FI
Cellulare +39 391 1860356
Simone Becucci Immobiliare

Simone Becucci Real Estate, has been working in Real Estate for several years   and fulfills  the needs of its Customers in the the Tuscan property market.

Simone Becucci Real Estate  add to its portfolio only those properties that meet its buyers’ requirements, making a careful selection based on specific property features, including best locations, as well as unique cultural-historic and architectonic characteristics, in order to create an exclusive range of offers.

For the more ambitious we can supply modernisation and renovation projects. If you require any assistance with these projects, our locally based colleagues can provide a broad range of services and expertise to assist you to complete your dream Italian home.

It collaborates with leading professional Firms of Architecture and Engineering; it can offer Legal and Notary advice, when requested.

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