Pirazzi Italian Properties della Dr. Claudia Pirazzi

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Pirazzi Italian Properties della Dr. Claudia Pirazzi

Are you looking for a beautiful home in Italy and do you want to live more of the Italian lifestyle? If you dream about enjoying Italy´s climate, quality of life, food and wine, culture and warm people, we will help you to achieve that dream, assisting you in technical and legal matters to make it simple for you.


I am a chartered real estate agent and property finder. I also follow restoration projects with more than  20 years of experience by now, facing all the aspects of buying and preparing a home. My clients, their briefing and ideas are what I work for.

As a German who moved to Italy more than 30 years ago, I know what it means for a foreigner to move and live here. I know how to mediate between the different mentalities of Italians and non-Italians and can help out both in actual and in conceptual translations. I am fluent in Italian, German, English and know some French.

Even as a graduate, I still need experts in assisting the dream come true for persons who search for a property in Tuscany. I work with skilled and trusted lawyers, notaries, geometras (a particular professional who specializes in bureaucratic and technical matters in Italy concerning real estate), architects and builders, electricians, plumbers and carpenters, down to who makes mosquito screens, doors, windows and so forth.

While assisting our clients in the various phases of buying a home in Tuscany, and maybe also transforming it to personal tastes and functions, we have managed to have a satisfied clientele which comes back to me after 10 to 18 years in case of a sale or change of region. That is always the greatest compliment for me.


If luxury or not, a home must be adequate to your needs, so we follow your briefing, explore with you the possibilities, and as a property finder we rely on the cooperation of about 85% of the real estate agents in Tuscany to find the right home for you and your requirements.


Everybody looks on the internet nowadays and so do I, but one phone call to my colleagues could save you a lot of your time to find out about houses, Villas or apartments you are interested in. I dedicate myself and my expertise to you and even if you already spotted some interesting property on a website I can take over from there and do the deeper research.

Commissions in Italy are paid by buyer AND seller and that makes it possible to share the work with my colleagues and not get into each other’s way. This synergy makes it possible to have a big pool of choices.


In conclusion, I am your personal and dedicated agent, property finder, coordinator of the experts for the due diligence, and the supervisor for the safety so that buying your house in Tuscany becomes a smooth transaction and a good experience.

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