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Pisana Immobiliare

Pisana Immobiliare – Company description

Ivan Pisana is a professional in the real estate market with decades of experience in the field. Operating for years in EasternSicily (the famous "Val di Noto"), alwayslooking out to the foreign market, to satisfyItalianinvestors with safe and profitableinvestments.

For him, sellinghousesis an art, alwaysmanaging to satisfy the mostdifferentneeds and offering the best housingsolutions. Pisana Immobiliare represents a challengethatgoesbeyond the person of the owner: professionalism and experience, with a real estate agency able to guaranteethe best to itscustomers, both sellers and buyers, in consultancy and promotion, with the aim of reach the maximum result in the shortesttime.

Professionalism, competence, reliability, confidentiality, are the strong points of the structure. Collaborations with real estate agents and credit counselorsextremelyqualifiedensure the capability to respond to continuouschanges in the real estate market. Nothingisleft to chance, no questionisleftunanswered.

How we work

Wecarefullyevaluateeachproperty by carrying out an accurate inspection, to detectall the particularities in order to determine a synthetic-comparative evaluationthatfullyreflectsthe commercial value.

Wecarry out a detailed photo shoot of yourproperty in order to transmit to ourpotentialcustomers, already in the first meeting phase, in ouroffices, maximum clarity and comprehensibilityregardingall the peculiarities of the object in question.

Wealso use photographicmaterial to promoteitthroughourtelematiccarriers and specializedmagazines. Wehave a highlyfunctional and detailed website for the promotion of ourproperties, with proven market effectiveness: for eachpropertyweprovide images, plants, descriptions, location and indication of the pricerange. Wekeepourcustomersconstantlyinformedaboutdevelopments in advertising promotion, market response and anypossibleinterest, aswellaspotentialnegotiation.

Pisana Immobiliare can count on a team of technical and financialconsultants, architects, designers, interiordecorators and evenartisans,available to meetyouatouroffices, free of charge and withoutobligation. By contactingourofficesyou can choose, amongall the varioustypes of properties and the variouspriceranges, the onethat best meetsyourneeds for space, location and budget. Total availability to makevisits to the propertiesidentified on anyday and time of the week in an attempt to respond to yourcommitments.

Ouroffices are open everyday of the week, and in any case we are alwaysavailable by phone. Once youhaveidentifiedyour new home, wewillfollowyoustep by stepalong the entireprocess, from the negotiationuntil the finalpurchase, guaranteeingyou a technical, real estate and credit advice.


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