Casa 4 stanze da letto, 0 m²

Riferimento: villa Refaldi

  • Prezzo: trattativa riservata
  • Stato: Nuovo
  • Classe Efficienza Energetica: A
  • Stanze da letto: 4
  • Bagni: 8
  • Stanze: 10
  • Giardino
  • Terreno: 2000 m²
  • Terrazzo
  • Piscina
  • Cantina
  • Garage
Distanza da:
  • Città più vicina: 1 Km
  • Aereoporto:
  • Milano LIN: 8 Km
  • Milano MXP: 39 Km
  • Milano BGY: 46 Km
  • Parma PMF: 116 Km
  • This property is situated in 65 Mosca street Milan in line of air 400 meters the bypass road west exit no. 4, attainable in every case crossing a line of the street Pertini, street Luraghi therefore street Ulivi and before the bypass road under passage to turn after all to the right at the Mosca street (Blind Road) till the end.

    The area is completely fenced with structure blind line excepted on the Mosca street that is to day.
    The enclosure contains an area of around 3900 mqs of which 2000 to lawn 900 flooring of service included terrace on to slide garage, the rest buildings and tub of accumulation. The external flooring is all in natural stone of various typology with laying to rule.
    The bodies of factory realized are 3 and more precisely.

    The main Villa:
    Buried floor of general mq 370 composed of:
    - separated wine cellar in various places included stairs mq 200
    - garage mq 75
    - covered passage to the shed and logistic places mq 80
    Ground-floor: apartment including living room with bath and closet, kitchen, room with closet and bath.
    First floor under-roof: four rooms with four service-rooms.

    The studio:
    Ground-floor mq 410 understanding great saloon, logistic room endowed with locker room and two services of which one for handicapped people usable as also as closet with external entry or as room for storing the the accumulation tub covering cloth.

    Open roof mq 130 around.

    Accesses: the access to the area guaranteed by 3 cart footsteps endowed with motorized flowing gates. Pedestrian wicket for access to the entry pedestrian principal main villa. From one of the wickets it is accessed the slide toward the closed playpen with further motorized flowing gate. The entry to the garage and the pedestrian entry they are endowed with rug loosen-snow.

    For the entry it is anticipated video intercom for the main villa with answered by three positions, intercom is installed on the wicket on the side opposite main entry with command from rowed of cart gate the installed one, from the villa, from the buried places and from the studio,

    Video overseeing of the area has been situated pressure sensitive rug buried on the totality of the perimeter of the area; such duty is subsequently optimized by fixed television cameras to infrared in strategic points, other television cameras son inside the places with possibility of extension of the video overseeing.

    All the television cameras are remote posting watchable through electronic (domotics ) connection.

    Domotics as it follows:

    motorization of all the jealousies with possibility of closing and opening singly or all together from remote.

    Wide broadcast plant extended to all the rooms with possibility of regulation single plant auxiliary installation of Tv Sat for every floor and in every place.

    Installation data transmission complete of net wireless

    Installation domotics for the management lightings

    Installation domotics with touchscreen general command

    auxiliary Installation Tvcc with external television cameras

    Installation external illumination with led (connection domotics)

    Installation electric central thermal illumination

    Installation electric central tub of accumulation with foreign illumination and illumination tub Connection solar panels in coverage studio

    Installation illumination to wall for external perimeter.
    Electric plant for roofing and studio predisposition for plant lift external watertight pres for studio hydraulic part / heating / conditioning mean heating panels under-floor for the three plain of the villa as well as for the studio, encircled additional for heat-napkins for operation of these last also electric. Possibility of measure warm water and heating for the three unity separately, heating with heaters for covered passage, local logistic and playpen (attenuated)

    Installation hydraulic sanitary complete with endowment of sanitary and cold warm water to every instrument on with 4 walls equipped to kitchen for: 1) Vila, ground-floor; 2) Buried ground floor both main zone that 3) local of buried service + further wall equipped for 4) kitchen in the studio.

    Air conditioned mean Daikin through external pressers, pomp of heat and inside split for two floors villa (ground and first floor) for local service to the buries him and for the studio.

    Installed chimneys for possible positioning of fireplace both in the living room ground floor and in the cellar.

    Positioning of chimneys and electric plug for possible positioning additional boilers to pollet

    installation of solar panels for sanitary warm water.

    Installation of solar panels standard GSE acquitted for a power of peak of 6 Kw.

    Installation both in the garage and for the shelter and for a sink endowed with warm and cold water.

    Further endowments

    installation of aspiration centralized through 14 points of use; Coverage of all covered spaces to exclusion of the external shelter.

    Endowment of 2 tractors cuts grass voters automatic programmable with parking-spaces for electric recharge (realization of flooring on the limits of the perimeter also finalized to the complete automation of the service in the most remote zones.

    Installation of programmable automatic watering daily and weekly

    installation of coverage villa electric extractor for kitchen course 2000/mc/h finalized to the acoustic demolition in the place.

    Tub of accumulation with inside illumination, safety cloth and two positions for installation of hydromassage; Additional installation for heating water of the tub of accumulation for the seasons in between installation of external shower with warm and cold water with to regulate unloading.

    External locking villa: high resistance aluminum wood glass room with gas argon endowed with safety zippers of according of second level, iron bars to mosquito nete to disappearance (Casket with against combined loom) electrified shutters for automatic operation of opening and closing commanded her by remote (Demotics) Shatterproof glass for fixed portion in the living zone at the ground-floor.

    Studio locking: high resistance Aluminum alluminum all with glass rooms with gas argon.

    Buried lockings villa: aluminum with glass room with thermal cut.

    Armored doors: Dierre type Elettra for the principal villa entry with code keyboard electronic code for opening up to six figures opening at all floors of the villa.

    Internal lockings, floors and coverings to choice of the buyer.
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