Appartamento 2 stanze da letto, 21 m²

Riferimento: 61

  • Prezzo: € 7.000
  • Stato: Completamente ristrutturato/Abitabile
  • Superficie abitabile: 21 m²
  • Classe Efficienza Energetica: Non disponibile
  • Valore Efficienza Energetica: 0.00
  • Stanze da letto: 2
  • Bagni: 1
  • Stanze: 1
Distanza da:
  • Aereoporto:
  • Venezia TSF: 11 Km
  • Venezia VCE: 36 Km
  • Verona VRN: 84 Km
  • Bolzano BZO: 107 Km
The property in question, a residential facility, is placed in an attic loft on the second floor of a traditional colonial building which has undergone a restructuring and a re-functioning internal bringing it to the current configuration of a four-building.The building is located outside of the urban fabric, along the way ronchi right, about 2 km from the town, surrounded by an agricultural landscape of great value.The buildingThe building is a structural clay carrier, restructured about 15 years ago, during that operation we proceeded to build a new wooden covered. The building has two floors above ground, and a loft area. The outer walls are plastered and painted, windows made of wood as wood are also entrance doors. The roofing is made of tiles. The building is leaning on the north side of a building craftsmanship with which it also shares the use of the square.The propertyThe access to the property for sale, 21 square meters of retail space (land area 85 square meters), is through the common stairwell. The attic is on one level and consists of a single compartment.
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